About Us

From the workbench to technical development to administration and sales, multifunctional teamwork is the supporting pillar of our company. This great collaboration is supported by technical competence and commitment at Laser Sinter Service GmbH. Every week, this contributes to motivating our employees for their tasks of today, tomorrow and the day after. We are active around the world and regionally rooted. At our corporate seat in Holzwickede (near Dortmund), we can implement ideas and new developments quickly in open areas, make decisions quickly and flexibly and supplement them with comprehensive service. This will make us a strong partner in future as well. In cooperation with our customers, we advance their markets with pioneering machines, products, materials and comprehensive services. We invest our know-how in innovative technologies and production facilities every day. We thus create a broad product range around selective laser sintering and stereolithography for many different application areas. We conduct further development in close cooperation with our many partners, which enables us to flexibly react to market changes and to implement our customers' wishes precisely.


With a promoting partner in Austria and one service technician, Guido Elbrecht founded LSS Laser-Sinter-Service GmbH as a small operation with two employees. Market processes change; since the traditional model construction is increasingly being replaced by laser sintering, a generative layered construction procedure in which the workpiece is built layer by layer in 3D-printing. The company was changed to a GmbH in the second step.


Various machine upgrades, the latest lasers and scanners - also as heating systems - are used and developed further in the course of the years to improve individual quality features and productivity. LSS also uses the ATC (Advanced Temperature Control) procedure for the first time to make plants controllable for the medium or low temperature operation as well, depending on temperature requirements.


Many industrial areas become increasingly aware of the advantages of 3D printing. Lower costs in production of small series are one of them. Another is the much lower time expenditure, since no casting molds are required. Parts manufactures can, among others, adjust to customer wishes much more quickly and more individually. Partnerships develop into the first customer base in many small steps.


Customer and supplier relationships have been strengthened more and more over the years because of the high machine efforts. The basic business is still in comprehensive service and maintenance work. This includes complex error analysis and troubleshooting, individual machine upgrades or customized plant conversions. With several developers, engineers and technicians, LSS supplies know-how and coordinated services from a single source.


LSS expands its international catchment area and establishes its first contact with Farsoon in Asia. There, in China, development of the first high-end plastic laser sintering machine is launched, along with a dedicated product series of laser sintering nylon materials. Farsoon produces industrial 3D printers, the associated materials and peripherals. The company from the Far East is going to become one of the most important partners for LSS in the next few years and establish itself with great power on the global market as a 3D print producer. We also develop the first Uniheat version - a multiple-zone heating system for laser sintering systems.


The first in-house machines with dedicated software are built in the area of research platforms for plastic laser sintering (PLS). Strategic partnerships are expanded and cooperation with Farsoon is even further increased. The strategy of an open platform for plastic laser sintering is turned into reality.


Projects are growing more complex, flexible and individual. The old building in Wilhelmstra├če 5 in Holzwickede is bursting at the seams of its 300 square meters. LSS finds a new home with 1000 square meters in Gottlieb-Daimler-Stra├če 12. Not only the company is growing. The associated technologies are, too. The first Farsoon machine is installed in Europe.


The cooperation of BASF, Farsoon Technologies, Varia 3D and LSS is announced: PA6 has now been developed for laser sintering as well and can be used as an industrial solution for plastic laser sintering (PLS).


Together with Farsoon, the first metal machines are presented at Formnext. Cooperation with Airbus and Lehmann & Voss & Co. for industrial further development of the ThermoMELT plastic laser sintering (PLS) process is announced.